Stronger Bones For a Stronger Future

Children grow rapidly and so do their bones. Building strong, healthy bones sets the foundation for lifelong skeletal health, which helps guard against osteoporosis and fractures in later years. It is therefore vital to ensure that your little ones are getting enough calcium on a daily basis to support their accelerated growth and development.

Calcium & vitamin D3  the perfect pair

Calcium is one of the most abundant minerals in the body with nearly all of it deposited in the bones and teeth. The body maintains a steady level of calcium in the blood. Think of bone as a calcium bank. If the body does not obtain enough calcium from food, it withdraws this mineral out of the bones. When the body withdraws more calcium than it deposits, the bone density gradually declines. Individuals who do not get enough calcium are more susceptible to develop osteoporosis later in life.

The best time to build bone density is during years of rapid growth. Childhood and adolescence are critical times for maximising bone strength. It is during this period that both the size and strength of the bones increase significantly.

Calcium cannot be produced by the body. It is therefore imperative to ensure that your little ones obtain their much-needed calcium from their diet or supplementation. Getting enough vitamin D3 is important for bone building, too. This sunshine vitamin helps the body to absorb calcium.

Build strong bones & teeth

Regulate muscle contraction

Regulate muscle contraction

Aid blood clotting

Prevent rickets

Calcium & vitamin D3 deficiency

Unfortunately, many kids do not get enough calcium in their diets. Even though the body can make vitamin D, kids likely do not get enough. Inadequate exposure to sunlight, due to increasingly indoor lifestyles, could result in low amounts of vitamin D in the body.

A deficiency of these must-have nutrients can result in:

  • muscle spasms
  • tooth decay
  • brittle nails
  • fatigue
  • poor appetite


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