HSA Launched Voluntary Notification Initiative for Health Supplements and Traditional Medicines

Voluntary Notification Initiative for Health Supplements and Traditional Medicines

Singapore Health Sciences Authority (HSA) launched voluntary notification initiative for health supplements and traditional medicines to set up a database consisting of safe and good quality health supplements and traditional medicines, for consumers’ reference and product traceability.

Only products meet the necessary safety and quality standards and labelling requirements will be published on the database.

VitaHealth – VITAlity for life

A subsidiary of Vita Life Sciences Ltd, a successful Australian owned healthcare company, VitaHealth commands the lion’s share in the dietary health supplement sector in key markets across the Asia Pacific.

VitaHealth focuses on products’ quality and efficacy. All products are manufactured in GMP-certified facilities, predominantly in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, to the highest standards of quality and integrity. VitaHealth is widely available across SEA countries complying to local strict regulations like Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, etc. VitaHealth is confident to continue the brand’s commitment to deliver utmost quality, standards and efficacy in our formulations.

Stay tuned, more VitaHealth’s quality products to be listed on HSA database. Find out here.

List of VNS approved product

Acid-Free Vitamin C 500

Crowning Glory

Dual-Action Vita C + Zinc Effervescent Tablet

Kids Gummies with Calcium & Vitamin D3

Liquid Calcium & D3


Seaweed Calcium

Stami Man

Tongkat Ali Plus



Vegetarian B-Complex

Vitamins C with Zinc

Vitamins K2+ D3

Vitamin D3 1000IU

Vitamin E 400IU

Vitamins K2 + D3

Vitaton Gold