New look, same quality!

We’ve revitalised our packaging to a sleek round bottle with fresh, modern design and premium label finish. While our look has changed, we’re still the same inside, where it really counts.


Omega 3,6,9 90’s (formerly known as Flaxseed Oil 1000mg)


Omega 3,6,9 300’s (formerly known as Flaxseed Oil 1000mg)


Supa Garlic Plus 120’s (formerly known as Super Garlic Plus)


Supa Garlic Plus 300’s (formerly known as Super Garlic Plus)


Crowning Glory 90’s


Ginkgo 2500 with DHA 60’s


Cranberry 40,000 60’s (formerly known as Cranberry 40,000+)


BG35 Plus (formerly known as Vita BG35 Plus)


Turmercare 60’s


Acgon 60’s (formerly known as Clear Skin)


Liquid Calcium & D3 60’s (formerly known as Liquid Calcium 1200 with Vitamin D)


Liquid Calcium & D3 240’s (formerly known as Liquid Calcium 1200 with Vitamin D)


Glucosamine 1500 60’s (formerly known as Arthrozan Vegetarian Glucosamine 1500)


Knee Support 60’s (formerly known as Knee Support Formula)


Vegetarian B-Complex 100’s


Collagen Booster Plus 60’s (Formerly know as Collagen Booster Plus+)


Glucosamine MSM+Curcumin 90’s


Salmon Fish Oil 90’s (formerly known as Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil)


Salmon Fish Oil 300’s (formerly known as Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil)


Lac-ease 90’s (formerly known as Breastfeeding Support)


Liveli 50ml x 10 bottles


Bee Propolis 120’s (formerly known as Bee Propolis 500mg)


CoQ10 50mg 60’s (formerly known as Coenzyme Q10 50mg)


Vegetarian Multivitamin 60’s


Vitaton Gold 100’s


Plant Placenta 60’s


Green Coffee 300mg 60’s (formerly known as Green Coffee Berry)


Advanced Eyecare 60’s


Red Yeast Rice Plus 60’s (formerly known as Red Yeast Rice with Plant Sterols)


Melatonin 5mg 60’s


Arthrozan 60’s (formerly known as Arthrozan GC+MSM)


Enzymes 6 60’s (formerly known as Digestive N-Zymes)


Acid-Free Vitamin C 500 60’s (formerly known as Time-Released Acid-Free Vitamin C 500)


Omega 3,6,7,9 60’s (formerly known as Complete Omega 3-6-7-9)


Royal Jelly 2x120s (formerly known as New Zealand Royal Jelly)


Non-Acidic Vitamin C 1000 60s (formerly known as C Vita 1000 Non-Acidic)


Back Support 60s (formerly known as Back Support Formula)


Calcium Citrate Plus 60s


Enzyme 6 60s (formerly known as Digestive N-zymes 60s)


Ezi-Calm 60s (formerly known as Ezicalm)


Fenugreek Complex 60s (formerly known as Fenugreek & Cinnamon Complex)


Grape Seed 90s (formerly known as Grape Seed 12000)


Lecithin 1200mg 250s


Maca with Cordyceps 60s


Mushroom Essence 60s


Power ExtraTiQ 60s


Prostate Support 60s (formerly known as Prostate Forte)


Seaweed Calcium 60s (formerly known as Organic Seaweed Calcium 1000)


VitaEPA 1000mg 250s


Vitamin D3 1000IU 60s


Evening Primrose Oil 400s (formerly known as Evening Primrose Oil 1000mg 400s)


Evening Primrose Oil 100s (formerly known as Evening Primrose Oil 1000mg 100s)


Cod Liver Oil 500s


Probiotic 6 + Inulin 60s (formerly known as Pro-6+Inu 60s)


Skin Rejuvenate 60s


Liver Support 60s