Bee Propolis


VitaHealth Bee Propolis is made with  fresh bee propolis extract which is especially rich in amino acids and bioflavonoids for general health support.

  • Pure New Zealand bee propolis
  • Strengthens the body
  • Provides  antioxidant support
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  • Bee propolis is a natural resinous substance collected by bees from leaf buds and tree barks to line the beehive; acts as a natural defense to prevent infections in the honeycomb.
  • Bee propolis is rich in natural-harvest vitamins, minerals, protein, and amino acids.
  • Bee propolis has been widely used for its immune-boosting and disease-fighting abilities.
  • It has significant levels of flavonoids which account for the antioxidant properties to help scavenge free radicals.
  • Bee propolis works by building a protective barrier against unwelcome intruders inside the human body.
  • Bee propolis provides preventive support especially during cold and flu season.
  • Recommended for individuals who have a weakened body.
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Adults – Take 1-2 softgels, once daily, after a meal or as directed by a healthcare professional.


Each softgel contains:

Propolis Extract Concentrate (5:1)

   equivalent to fresh propolis extract 500mg

Natural Vitamin E 1.2IU