Green Coffee 300mg


VitaHealth Green Coffee 300mg is formulated with decaffeinated, non-roasted Arabica coffee beans, standardised to contain 50% polyphenols and 45% chlorogenic acid (CGA), for healthy weight management.

  • Blocks fat storage
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Reduces fat absorption
  • Clear
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  • Green coffee is loaded with naturally-occurring chlorogenic acid (CGA), a predominant antioxidant which has been shown in scientific researches to support healthy weight loss.
  • CGA suppresses the glucose-6-phosphataseenzyme which is responsible in the production of glucose in the liver, thus, limiting the release of glucose into the bloodstream. When the body does not have readily accessible glucose, it then utilises the stored body fat as an alternative source for energy production. This in turn results in a decrease in fat deposits, and stops the body from producing more fat stores, and eventually leads to weight loss.
  • CGA activates fat metabolism to burn fat faster, thereby suppressing body fat accumulation.
  • CGA can potentially slow down absorption of fats from the intestines.
  • CGA protects the body against the cumulative effects of an unhealthy lifestyle.
  • This is a health supplement and should be taken with a balanced diet and regular exercise.
  • Recommended for both men and women who wants to reduce body weight.
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Adults – Take 1 tablet, 3 times daily, before meals or as directed by a healthcare professional.



Each tablet contains:

Green Coffee Extract (decaffeinated) (Coffea arabica, semen)

   standardised to 50% polyphenols

   standardised 45% chlorogenic acid