Get Lean & Tone Up

Protein: your daily fuel essential

Protein is a major structural component of every living cell, essential for building and repairing muscles, bones, skin and hair. In the body, it is constantly being broken down and recycled. It cannot be stored in the body; therefore, it’s important that you consume adequate amounts of protein every single day.

VitaHealth Protein 23

VitaHealth Protein 23 is a plant-based protein beverage mix for the whole family. It is made of VegOtein P™ 80 pea protein concentrate with Oxxynea® fruits and vegetables for general well-being. Each serving provides 15.5g of highly-digestible and energy-boosting protein with a burst of antioxidants.

How does VitaHealth Protein 23 benefit you?

It provides premium-quality protein plus a healthy burst of antioxidants to help you power through your day!

Supports weight management

Builds & maintains lean muscle mass

Optimises muscle recovery after exercise

Provides antioxidant protection

What’s in VitaHealth Protein 23?

Who should take VitaHealth Protein 23?

You are recommended to take Protein 23 if you:
• Wish to boost protein intake
• Are on a weight-loss diet
• Wish to build or maintain muscle mass
• Undergo workouts