VLife® Imunee


VLife® Imunee is an all-in-one immune booster that is scientifically proven to enhance your body’s natural defences and improve function.

  • To improve immune response
  • To enhance antioxidant capacity and strengthen respiratory function
  • Ready-to-drink liquid sachet to be consumed anytime, anywhere
EXP: 05-2024
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  • Patented elderberry ferment extract can activate healthy immune response by increasing cytokine production.
  • Anthocyanin in elderberry has antioxidant properties which helps strengthen the body and protect the body cells against oxidative damage.
  • Japanese honeysuckle also known as jin yin hua, it helps to maintain healthy respiratory function.
  • Sea buckthorn extract helps to relieve phlegm and coughs.
  • Monk fruit extract helps to nourish the lungs and throats.
  • Use double Nutri™ technology for maximum nutrient absorption and efficacy.
  • Ready-to-drink liquid sachet to be consumed anytime, anywhere.
  • Recommended for individuals who often fall sick, who are prone to colds and flu, who wish to strengthen their immune system, who suffer from weak respiratory system and frequent travellers for immune support.


Adults– Take 1 sachet directly by mouth, once or twice daily.


Each sachet contains Elderberry Ferment 6,000mg, Japanese Honeysuckle Ferment 600mg, Sea Buckthorn Extract 250mg, Monk Fruit Extract Powder 5mg.