VLife® Powerr


VLife® Powerr is a natural energy booster specially formulated to relieve fatigue and promote long-lasting, sustained energy both physically and mentally to help you stay energised throughout the day.

  • Boosts energy production
  • Relieves fatigue and improves blood circulation
  • Ready-to-drink liquid sachet to be consumed anytime, anywhere
  • Clear
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  • Patented ginseng cordyceps complex ferment help to increase endurance, improves cognitive ability and promote blood circulation.
  • Taurine helps to increase muscle force and physical endurance.
  • Damiana leaf extract improves blood circulation for enhanced energy and stamina.
  • Vitamin B complex is beneficial for energy production and transformation.
  • Zinc supports basic cellular functions and provides energy for metabolism.
  • Use double Nutri™ technology for maximum nutrient absorption and efficacy.
  • Ready-to-drink liquid sachet to be consumed anytime, anywhere.
  • Recommended for individuals who lead a hectic lifestyle, frequent travellers, who often feel tired or sluggish and who wish to maintain a physically and mentally active lifestyle.


Adults– Take 1 sachet directly by mouth, once or twice daily.


Each sachet contains Ginseng Cordyceps Complex Ferment 5,000mg, Apple Juice 3,000mg, Taurine 800mg, Yeast Extract 75mg, Elemental Zinc 3.5mg, Damiana Leaf Extract Powder 10mg.