VitaHealth CHARGE-UP® Liveli is a botanical nutritive tonic featuring LiverGuard™ unripe green jujube extract in refreshing apple flavor for liver regeneration and body nourishment.

  • Supports liver health
  • Protects against hangover
  • Prevents toxin overload
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  • LiverGuard™, which shows the function of hepatic protection, has won the Gold Medal award in the Invention & New Product Exposition (INPEX), USA.
  • Jujube contains healthy levels of antioxidants that protect the liver cells against toxin overload.
  • Royal jelly enhances energy, vitality and resistance to stress.
  • Artichoke promotes healthy cholesterol levels and supports gastrointestinal health.
  • Vitamin C helps boost antioxidant capacity and helps maintain proper immune functions and skin health.
  • Jiaogulan strengthens immune defence, increases stamina and supports healthy cholesterol levels.
  • Liveli protects against hangover.
  • Liveli helps supports radiant glowing skin.
  • Recommended for individuals who always feel tired, or bloated after overindulgence.


Shake well before drinking.

Adults – Take 1 bottle, once daily, after a meal.


Each bottle contains purified water, fructose, LiverGuard™ jujube extract liquid, apple juice, royal jelly, artichoke, vitamin C, citric acid, black date flavouring, plum flavouring and Jiaogulan.