VitaHealth Cholesterol Support is Safe for Consumption

While recent news regarding the recall of red yeast rice products by Kobayashi Pharmaceutical in Japan has garnered attention, it’s imperative to clarify that this is not a widespread recall affecting all red yeast rice products in the market.

We wish to assure our valued customers of the safety and reliability of VitaHealth Cholesterol Support. Our product is registered and approved by Health Sciences Authority (HSA) to import and sold in Singapore, ensuring strict adherence to safety and quality standards.

The lovastatin content presents in red yeast rice material in this product complies with the latest regulations on testing requirement, as outlined in the Health Supplements Guidelines, December 2023. Apart from that, all batches undergo comprehensive testing to ensure they are free from citrinin. It is noteworthy that our material is not sourced from Japan and undergoes stringent safety testing protocols.

With over seven decades of safe market presence, customers can place their trust in the quality and reliability of our product.

We remain committed to providing our customers with safe and effective health solutions, and we appreciate your continued trust and support in VitaHealth.